Remake of Impostora this 2017

Impostora is a Pinoy TV Teleserye show arrangement airing on GMA Network featuring Kris Bernal, Louise delos Reyes, Ryan Eigenmann and Rafael Rosell. It is a change of the 2007 unique TV arrangement of a similar title featuring Iza Calzado, Sunshine Dizon and Mark Anthony Fernandez. It is set to debut in May 2017 supplanting Ika-6 na Utos on the GMA Afternoon Prime piece. The arrangement is one of the offerings of GMA Network for 2017. It will fill in as rebound venture of Kris Bernal after she restored her agreement with GMA Network.

Main casts are Kris Bernal as Nimfa / Rosette, Louise delos Reyes as Rosette / Isabelle, Rafael Rosell as Leandro, Ryan Eigenmann as Arturo and Dina Bonnevie as Betty.

Supporting casts will be Max Collins as Leticia, Assunta De Rossi as Belen, Elizabeth Oropesa as Loreta, Vaness del Moral as Sharina, Aicelle Santos as Kathleen, Donita Rose as Elena, Yuan Francisco, Sinon Loresca and Althea Ablan.

On the off chance that we will think back on the 2007 arrangement The story begins with the introduction of the conjoine
d twins Lara and Sara Carreon (Iza Calzado). Their folks needed them to carry on with an ordinary life, so at the correct age, they were isolated through operation however this division turned out to be to a greater degree a revile than a gift. On account of their uncle Delfin's (Gary Estrada) contempt towards their dad Henry (Romnick Sarmenta) and the insatiability of their close relative Betty (Jean Garcia), their lives will swing to a horrific experience. They were shelled with obligations from the operation and their dad kicked the bucket in light of their uncle. This left their mom Adelle (Gelli De Belen) no decision however to separate them and give them for reception.

Lara experienced direct the mercilessness of her close relative Betty and her insidious cousin Vanessa (Sunshine Dizon). She got away and was dealt with by a decent samaritan, however her mom passed on in the hands of her close relative. She grew up to end up noticeably a delightful, persistent lady with the craving to discover her sister and to correct requital on the general population who made their lives a horrendous experience. In the mean time, Sara was taken by a family who never needed her and just embraced her since they required an offer assistance. On account of a monstrosity mishap, her face was consumed and developed to wind up noticeably a distorted, frail lady. She got away and was received by a kind woman. She has no fearlessness and is constantly harassed.